3-D Tech Makes Frogs Available to All

Scientist creates Frogs of the World program

Have you ever wished you could view different frogs in 3-D? Whether you are a student, a researcher or just a froggy fan, you need to check out the new Frogs of the World exhbit that Cameron Siler, the assistant curator of herpetology and assistant professor of biology at the University of Oklahoma, has released. This collection of frogs includes some species that are rare or endangered, helping scientists maintain a profile of the frogs even after they are long gone. The idea behind the models is to promote further conservation of the frogs as well as education and science in general.

Education continues to evolve as quickly as technology, allowing us to connect, collaborate and really learn much more than we could ever from a standard textbook. What kinds of great technological tools have you used to study frogs?


Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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