100 Great Activities with Frogs And Other Critters

Check out this book of backyard fun!

If your children or students are squeamish about frogs, worms and other garden critters, you might want to check out the book 100 Backyard Activities That Are the Dirtiest, Coolest, Creepy-Crawliest Ever! This book, available in Kindle and print, is filled with fun ways to learn about frogs, bugs and other creatures while crafting and exploring your environment.

The first activity listed is, of course, how to make your own nature journal. There are also fun ways to make a bug box, a neat mirror box to see animals from all angles and even a safe ground trap to observe animals in before releasing them on their way.

What great books do you know of that help kids learn about frogs? Share your favorites in the chat!


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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