Hairy Frogs!

You'll either have nightmares or want one as a pet

Given that it's almost Halloween, how about learning a bit about the horror frog? Also known as the wolverine frog or the hairy frog (my daughter dubbed it the werewolf frog, which is way better), it's an animal that breaks its own bones to grow bone claws (hence the Wolverine reference) and forces the claws through its footpads, a defense mechanism it performs whenever it feels threatened. The Central African frog is thought to regenerate the tissue that it breaks in order to complete the defense mechanism.

As cool as Wolverine is, I'm so glad humans don't do this.

The frog also lives on land, returning to water to breed, and its "horror" name isn't limited to its hair and claws. Its tadpoles have rows of horned teeth, too, which they use to eat slugs and bugs larger than many other tadpoles. I wonder if they eat smaller tadpoles? 

What do you think of the horror frog?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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