Dumpy Tree Frogs Are Instagram Stars

If you're a frog lover, you have to check out this group of dumpy tree frogs on Instagram. Their owners run their "Dumb Thicc Dumpy Tree Frogs" page and it's full of such sweet frog goodness! Every little thing you love to watch frogs do? Yeah, they are doing it and more.

These frogs are adorable as they pile up, pose next to food, hide under a toadstool and more. My favorite is the one where the little green frog looks like he's bending his elbow to offer some sage advice. It's pretty meme-worthy.

Going On Frog Safari

Here at Frog Source, we all love frogs and we know what dangers they face in the modern world. Their species are declining at such a rapid rate that we're losing entrie populations before we can even blink. Scientists are doing their best to try and help these amphibians recover and avoid extinction, but we need more people to care about them and the ever-looming climate crisis that threatens not just them but us all.

Synthetic Frog Dissections

In high school, I must admit that I loved dissection. It wasn't until I was presented of dissecting a cat in Anatomy when I decided it was too much, took a different course instead, and became a vegetarian. My veggie journey has changed off and on and I'm currently not one, but I still think vivisection is wrong, especially since we have so many other wonderful alternatives now.

Fantastic Frog Fathers

Many fathers in the animal kingdom present some pretty lofty dad goals, proving that caring fathers exist in many different species--even if it's only to ensure the survival of their own offspring. Poison frogs, or poison dart frogs, are a great example of dads who spend a lot of their time and energy ensuring their chilren's safety and best chance.

License Plate to Benefit Frogs

We're always looking for ways to help the environment, animals and really anyone who needs it, but sometimes it can be really difficult--especially if you don't have unlimited time or funds. That's why endeavors like this one from the Oregon Wildlife Foundation are so important. By selling these special license plates to benefit frogs, they will give citizens the ability to pitch in a little to save a lot.


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