Have You Heard Of The Frog Ranch?

When you think of a ranch, you usually picture cattle, horses and maybe sheep--at least, that's what I picture when I hear the word. How many of us think of frogs, though? An actual frog ranch exists. Its operators raise frogs to sell to universities, labs, hospitals and other medical facilities that test on the animals, selling them for research purposes. 

Frog Blood To Help Preserve Human Organs?

One of the most difficult things about organ transplants is making the organs last long enough to make it to their recipients. Traveling distance, harvesting and preparing the recipient all take precious time that can waste how viable an organ might be from start to finish. That's why researchers are hoping to find out how to slow down the decay of an organ harvested by using the science of frog anatomy.

Frog Sounds in Wireless Sensor Networks

Scientists use frogs for all kinds of things in their studies, but this latest study is particularly interesting as they attempt to find out whether or not a frog's "ribbet" can be used to help us better utilize wireless sensor networks. All of that croacking sounds like a cacophony of noise to untrained earis, but if you listen closely, frogs in range avoid overlapping noises in order to ensure all voices are heard and messages are conveyed.

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