Gifts Fit For A Frog Prince

Not every pet owner buys gifts for their creatures in crime, which is fine; pets don't know it's their birthday or the holidas (as far as we know!). But for those of us who love to spoil our critters with something special here and there, it can be really fun to pick out something we know they'll absolutely love. It's fun to watch them enjoy what we pick out for them, too.

No Frogs As Gifts... Without Research

Every holiday season, there's an inevitable spread of articles and advice about pet adoption--even when it comes to frogs. "Don't get an animal as a gift!" we're all warned, and it's actually really good advice if you're thinking of getting a pet for a child or someone who isn't very knowledgeable about frogs. That said, if your frog lover has done their work and really knows how to care for a pet, and you are sure they're capable, it's really not that big of a deal to get them the frog as a gift.

Frogs As Pets

Sure, you love frogs, and you'd do anything to protect them, but would you keep them as pets? Plenty of people keep frogs as pets and already know that they can be rewarding and fun family companions. Frog care is not complicted, but like the care for many pets, it is time consuming if you want a healthy, happy frog!

Clawed Versus Dwarf

If you've ever had an African Dwarf Frog as a pet, you know how cute they are, and you know how easy it is to care for this species. But did you know that they are often confused as African clawed frogs? If you want to make sure you have a true Dwarf frog, check for differences like these...

Front and back webbed feet. While the clawed frog has digits on two limbs, the dwarf variety has all webbed feet.

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