Froggy Goodies

If you're a frog lover or you know one, what do you like to get or give as frog-inspired gifts? There are so many frog gifts out there that there's an endles supply of ideas to borrow from. I remember being head over heels for frogs in high school and I could go anywhere, from a gas station to any store, and find something with frogs on it that would get me excited. I had quite a collection, too, before it was ruined in an apartment flooding incident. 

DIY Frog Costumes

A frog costume can come in handy year-round, not just for Halloween! Whether you've got a springtime play, a report to do or a funny Muppets skit for a Promposal, you can always use a frog costume! Making your own frog costume out of items you have at home is pretty easy, especially if you already have some green pants and a green shirt. Bam, you've got half your costume already!

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