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Creating a Home Frog Habitat

The type of home you provide for a pet frog depends on the species. Before you select your next amphibian pet, here are a few tips on setting up a perfect habitat that will help them thrive while you enjoy the view.

Four types of housing arrangements are available for frogs. These are each easy to set up, but some will require more maintenance than others.

Pet Frogs: Picking The Best

Three Popular Species for Beginners

Choosing a pet frog is easy, but selecting the right one is a little tougher. Do you want a species that is active or just sits around, especially after it's been fed? What about those that become livewires at night and snooze while you're awake? Then there are species that need to hibernate when it's cold or that require certain temperatures to thrive. The business of enjoying frogs is not so simple after all.

Best Pet Frog Species

The Ornate Horned Frog offers plenty of viewing opportunities because this species sits around - a lot. They're knobby and quite colorful, though, so they might be an interesting choice for older kids and even adults. Habitats are easy to set up with water, rocks for perching and a gravel base. Things can get lively when they're hungry and these frogs are eating machines. They'll consume guppies, larger bugs, grubworms, and even mice. They need to live alone, too, or cannibalism might come into play.

African Clawed Frogs are favorites for anyone who loves their underwater antics. In an aquarium setup, they're an active species, as long as they have a place to hide on occasion. Tops must be secured as they tend to wander. Away from their watery environment, they won't survive. Eating habits are varied, so they're easy to feed.

For those just getting started with amphibian pets, African Dwarf Frogs make easy-to-care-for friends. They're also aquatic, but are a bit smaller than African clawed frogs. Their main diet consists of frozen bloodworms or dried brine shrimp.

When is a Frog Not a Frog?

Buttons, Bayonets & Violin Bows: Frogs are Everywhere

In the world of frogs, you may discover some items that aren't related at all to our amphibian favorites. In fact, many items will leave you wondering how they came to be called "frogs." We should be proud, of course, that someone thought about naming rights in reference to a species that so many of us love.

Frog Fans Unite!

Amphibian Fanatics Welcome

Hop on in to my little corner of the frog universe. Whether you're a live amphibian aficionado or a froggy collectibles, apparel, and accessories fan, you'll find something fun to discuss here. We'll go green and then some with some interesting facts and a few frog tales. With more than 4,000 species in existence, I may never run out of something to talk about!


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