Pesticides Leave Frogs Vulnerable to Parasites

If you are a frog lover, it may be time to become an anti-pesticide advocate. We already know about many of the harms that pesticides can have on our own health, but did you know that frogs, while very adaptable to deal with pesticides, are also harmed through their use? When frogs become acclimated to pesticides in their environment, they also become more vulnerable to other risk factors that threaten them.

Ranchers Angry Over Frog Protection

Frog lovers may rejoice when they hear that nearly 2 million acres are being used to help save frog habitat and preserve the dwindling numbers of several species of frogs, but Sierra Nevada ranchers and loggers aren't happy about the news. They say that the protections placed on the land make it much harder for them to do business, which threatens their livelihood.

What eats frogs?

Each week, we talk about different types of frogs and our favorites, but what about the creatures that consume frogs? Sure, humans do it, but plenty of other animals do it, too. There are the common frog eaters like hawks and snakes but there are lots of animals that eat frogs that are also quite surprising. For example, there are praying mantises that eat frogs on six different continents. Otters really enjoy eating frogs, as do some species of larger frogs. 

Another New Frog Species Discovered

With new frog species discovered every month, you might think that the frog population is just growing, not shrinking. Science tells us that frogs are possibly next in line when it comes to extinction, though, and a lot of the frogs being "discovered" are simply new species that looked like other species previously discovered already. Nevertheless, it's always exciting to find a new species of frog.

Frogs As Pets

Sure, you love frogs, and you'd do anything to protect them, but would you keep them as pets? Plenty of people keep frogs as pets and already know that they can be rewarding and fun family companions. Frog care is not complicted, but like the care for many pets, it is time consuming if you want a healthy, happy frog!


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