Customer Finds Frog in Salad

When a customer finds something fishy (or, in this case, froggy) in food that was made to-go, it raises your eyebrow. It's not like finding it there in the store, where it would be difficult, although not impossible, to sneak it in for suing purposes, and you always wonder whether or not the person has any credibility. That's what modern, sue-happy culture has done to us jaded Americans.

Regenerating Frog Legs

Frogs are known as nature's alarm system. Since their bodies readily absorb toxic materials from the enviornment, causing them to sometimes grow abnormal or extra limbs as a result and tell scientists what's wrong in their habitat. Frogs that lose limbs can sometimes grow back bits and pieces of them, but scientists have now developed a bioreactor device that actually helps African dwarf frogs regenerate their limbs completely.

Kermit Memes

Kermit the Frog is one of the most beloved icons of our time, and modern Kermie fans share their adoration with--what else?--meme love. The meme where Kermit quietly sips his tea is one of my personal favorites; I've seen it used as a response to so many comments and stories over the years that it's become as much of a staple as the Willy Wonka meme. 

Leapin' Frogs

Do you know why frogs can leap so powerfully and high? The fact that frog legs act like well-oiled hinges is pretty well known, but there's really more to it than that. The power, according to Dr. Chris Richards, who has studied the movement via simultion in order to determine if it was an evolutionary need or not, comes not from the joints themselves but from the frogs' own leg muscles. 

Massive Frog Breeding In North Carolina

When frogs make the news, it's often regarding yet another species listed as threatened or endangered. It's a distressing time for frog lovers to hear about so many species facing extinction. This week, however, the opposite extreme occurred when it was announced that frogs are taking over the coast of North Carolina. Following dozens of days of record-setting weather, frogs were in optimal positions for breeding and have been reproducing so much and so quickly that they are literally falling from the sky, landing on people's houses and littering the place with poop.

Habitat Protection for Frogs

Humans might act like we have the right of way when it comes to the traffic of life, but we certainly weren't here first and just because we can flush a toilet doesn't mean we deserve real estate more than any other critter who walks, slithers or hops across the planet. The Supreme Court is about to hear a case not pushing for frog protection but for protections be revoked in Louisiana and Mississippi.

The Wood Frogs Return

As many frogs as we hear about dying out or becoming endangered, we often forget that there are some species of frogs that are so productive that they in less danger of being wiped out. Wood frogs, for example, begin mating within two days of coming out of hibernation, ensuring that they not only get the choice spots of water in which to breed but also that their numbers don't dwindle.

100 Great Activities with Frogs And Other Critters

If your children or students are squeamish about frogs, worms and other garden critters, you might want to check out the book 100 Backyard Activities That Are the Dirtiest, Coolest, Creepy-Crawliest Ever! This book, available in Kindle and print, is filled with fun ways to learn about frogs, bugs and other creatures while crafting and exploring your environment.

Fungus is Killing Frogs

The chytrid fungus is a terrible, deadly disease that kills frogs. It adheres to their skin while it's wet and grows, putting down roots and restricting frogs from absorbing air and water. It's a killer of frogs and is able to cause extinction through simply exisiting. It also causes terrible pain and suffering to the frogs, suffocating them while causing them to form ulcers, bleed and fail to control their body temperatures.


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