Yosemite Is Home To Red-Legged Frogs Once Again

Between bullfrog introduction, fungal threats and other causes, the red-legged frog was killed off in Yosemite years ago. Experts say it was preventable, but there is some great news: the species has been reintroduced back into the park through a collaborative effort from the San Francisco Zoo, the National Park Service, Yosemite Conservancy, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Counting Toads And Frogs

Here at Frog Source, we love citizen science projects, especially the ones that let you help frog and toad populations! There are lots of projects you can take part in, but did you know that many states have their own local programs with which you can participate? Our local science center and zoo have their own projects, for example, and Wisconsin has an annual program for citizens to help out with, too.

Frog Poachers Protecting Frogs

When the bad guys become the good guys, it's like a Miyazaki movie, right? The Error of the Ways (TM) has been seen, the person makes a full 180 turn and everyone wins at the end. Unfortunately, life's much messier than that, and many of the 'bad guys' are really just people trying to make a living, and sometimes you can't even blame them when they're engaging in unethical behavior when there's a lousy job market to content with. 

New Species of Frog Discovered In Madagascar

Every time a new frog species is dicovered, it seems like it's tinier than the last. No wonder it took us so long to find the frog in the first place! Many of these critters are as small as micromachine cars, if not smaller. The newest species found was discovered in Madagascar. Scientists found a total of five different species, but they're all teeny tiny.

New Dwarf Species Discovered

I don't think I'll ever get tired of new animals being discovered, will you? With recent news reports coming in about everything from mass extinctions of large animals to insects pretty much being wiped out within the next hundred years or so, I'll take every new species I can get. This new dwarf species of frog found in Ethiopia is both a welcome find and a cutie!

Slugs Glue Frogs To Trees

It's not enough that the poor frogs are facing endangered satus, habitat destruction, mutation from all of the pollutants in our environment and more. Their enemies in the animal kingdom are also causing them problems. An Australian slug can glue its frog opponents to trees, leaving the frogs vulnerable for days. The slug's slime is incredibly sticky, enough to hold a fully grown frog on a tree branch for days at a time.


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