Cat Pets Tiny Frog

You have to wonder if the cat in this photo is contemplating eating the tree frog, but it still makes for an adorable photographic moment. The cat, called Rin-chan, sure looked chummy with the little frog when they met, reaching out to pet the little creature and warming hearts across the Internet in the process. There's even a cute video where you can see it in process.

Smallest Frog Fits on a Dime

Teeny tiny things are the cutest and this frog, the Paedophryne amauensis, is one of the tiniest creatures you'll ever see in your life. It was recently discovered just a few years ago in Papua New Guinea and it is only 7 mm long. My family and I saw an exhibit featuring the frog and promptly wanted three of our own. Of course we don't have the frogs... but don't you want one!

Some Tree Frogs Are Mated to Death

It's difficult to tell whether or not an animal is being raped sometimes, especially when a female tries to attract a mate with some kind of sex foam only to attract a bunch of mates who have sex with her so much at all once that they drown or crush her to death. It sure sounds like rape to me, but the rules are different among different species. But wait, it gets worse.


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