New Species of Frog Discovered In Madagascar

Every time a new frog species is dicovered, it seems like it's tinier than the last. No wonder it took us so long to find the frog in the first place! Many of these critters are as small as micromachine cars, if not smaller. The newest species found was discovered in Madagascar. Scientists found a total of five different species, but they're all teeny tiny.

New Dwarf Species Discovered

I don't think I'll ever get tired of new animals being discovered, will you? With recent news reports coming in about everything from mass extinctions of large animals to insects pretty much being wiped out within the next hundred years or so, I'll take every new species I can get. This new dwarf species of frog found in Ethiopia is both a welcome find and a cutie!

Slugs Glue Frogs To Trees

It's not enough that the poor frogs are facing endangered satus, habitat destruction, mutation from all of the pollutants in our environment and more. Their enemies in the animal kingdom are also causing them problems. An Australian slug can glue its frog opponents to trees, leaving the frogs vulnerable for days. The slug's slime is incredibly sticky, enough to hold a fully grown frog on a tree branch for days at a time.

Monarchs On The Decline

All of nature is connected, and butterflies and frogs seem to go hand-in-hand when it comes to habitat growth as well as destruction. The loss of monarch butterflies should make us deeply concerned to begin with, but it should also raise a flag regarding what that loss means for other species, too. With a 99% decline in the species throughout recent years, we can't help but wonder whether or not it's even possible to recover the species from these terrible losses. 

Real Plants In Your Frog's Habitat

Many frog owners keep real plants in their frog habitat to give their frogs a more natural setting in which to live. Some opt for fake plants, which can be easier to care for, and there are pros and cons to both. Personally I've always preferred live plants, even though I can often kill them (sorry, plants!), and there are always so many aquatic ones to choose from that I've never felt limited in making a decision... until now.

Fungus Threatens Frog Population

The chytrid fungus has been threatening species around the world, their thin skin harmed by the aggressive disease. Since the fungus actually feeds on the flesh of the frogs, the creatures are unable to repair the damage inflicted during the infection. It renders the frogs inable to regulate their breathing and ability to drink, things that their skin is responsible for, as well as salt regulation. 


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