Smallest Frog Fits on a Dime

Teeny tiny things are the cutest and this frog, the Paedophryne amauensis, is one of the tiniest creatures you'll ever see in your life. It was recently discovered just a few years ago in Papua New Guinea and it is only 7 mm long. My family and I saw an exhibit featuring the frog and promptly wanted three of our own. Of course we don't have the frogs... but don't you want one!

Shovelnose Frog

It's so weird and wacky looking that it's kind of adorable. The Shovelnose frog, which hails from sub-Saharan Africa, has the face of a bitter old man whose neighbor's kids won't stay out of his azaelas, the body of a potato and spots. If that's not intriguing, what is? The frog isn't a poisonous variety, but when it's under stress it can secrete a toxic substance that's not very pleasant. 

Addiction Treatment Could Be Possible Through Frog Study

When you think of poison dart frogs, you probably think of colorful creatures who are pretty to look at, but perhaps not the best choice of animal companion. You probably don't think of them as a potential medical breakthrough, but researchers are looking at them as a potential study into human addiction treatment.

Pumpkin Toadlets are Adorable

The tiny pumpkin toadlet may be the most adorable thing you see today. Sadly, like many small frogs, it's also endangered due to habitat loss, but it has even more than that stacked against it: it can't even hear potential mates calling, which makes it really difficult for this frog to breed. It gets sadder. They don't even know that their attempts to call a mate is futile. 


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