Chytrid Fungus Can Grow In More Places

Frog lovers who follow Frog Source know that we've talked a lot about the deadly chytrid fungus that wipes out frogs at an alarming rate, and today we found out about some disturbing news regarding the fungus. The one consolation that we had regarding the disease was that it only survived in cold climates, which would have kept it contained to the mountainous areas researchers previously found it in.

Fantastic Frog Fathers

Many fathers in the animal kingdom present some pretty lofty dad goals, proving that caring fathers exist in many different species--even if it's only to ensure the survival of their own offspring. Poison frogs, or poison dart frogs, are a great example of dads who spend a lot of their time and energy ensuring their chilren's safety and best chance.

License Plate to Benefit Frogs

We're always looking for ways to help the environment, animals and really anyone who needs it, but sometimes it can be really difficult--especially if you don't have unlimited time or funds. That's why endeavors like this one from the Oregon Wildlife Foundation are so important. By selling these special license plates to benefit frogs, they will give citizens the ability to pitch in a little to save a lot.

Clever Frogs

We had an adorable frog one summer who loved to hang out near the porch light if it was cold outside at night, well into the fall. We loved to see if he was there, just hanging out on a ledge, taking advantage of the warmth and bugs! The other night my dogs brought a locust in the house, of all things, and I scolded them, thinking it was a frog. 

Builder Frogs Put Your Backyard To Shame

As kids, we're taught that there's a lot that separates us from the rest of the beasts, from opposable thumbs to the ability to use tools. The older I get, though, the more I see that these thumbs can be pretty overrated, and all kinds of species use tools to accomplish tasks. Many animals even build better than humans seem to be able to do! Take the Goliath frog, for example.


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