Clever Frogs

We had an adorable frog one summer who loved to hang out near the porch light if it was cold outside at night, well into the fall. We loved to see if he was there, just hanging out on a ledge, taking advantage of the warmth and bugs! The other night my dogs brought a locust in the house, of all things, and I scolded them, thinking it was a frog. 

Builder Frogs Put Your Backyard To Shame

As kids, we're taught that there's a lot that separates us from the rest of the beasts, from opposable thumbs to the ability to use tools. The older I get, though, the more I see that these thumbs can be pretty overrated, and all kinds of species use tools to accomplish tasks. Many animals even build better than humans seem to be able to do! Take the Goliath frog, for example.

How Elephants Help Frogs

It's not really a symbiotic relationship, since the frogs don't particularly help the elephants back, but have you ever thought about how elephant prints help other animals? I've read about how elephants eat so much grass that their droppings make great recycled paper; in fact, I bought some for my teen once and they loved it. It turns out that the footprints left behind by elephants are extremely helpful for another animal--frogs!

Frogs to Meet Before Their Extinction

As more frog species die out, we have fewer chances of seeing these incredible creatures before they're gone for good. Nat Geo has a great video featuring some of the frogs that you'll want to take a look at before they're gone for good, mostly due to the chytrid fungus that's resulting in a mass extinction of frogs worldwide. It's not really a great video, is it?

Frogs' Brains May Be More Complex

Up until now, we've always assumed that only mammals and birds utilize mental mapping, placing us at the highest order of thought within the animal kingdom. It's an idea that reinforces how much we "deserve" to be at the top of the food chain, especially to those of us who eat meat, pollute (who doesn't do that?) and understand what we've done to this poor planet. Every day more insight into various species unveils how wrong we are about so many things, and the limitations we perceive regarding animal thought processes continue to crack on a daily basis as new research emerges. 


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