Fungus Threatens Frog Population

The chytrid fungus has been threatening species around the world, their thin skin harmed by the aggressive disease. Since the fungus actually feeds on the flesh of the frogs, the creatures are unable to repair the damage inflicted during the infection. It renders the frogs inable to regulate their breathing and ability to drink, things that their skin is responsible for, as well as salt regulation. 

Best Frogs in the Media

It's not hard to picture the world's most famous frog, which has to be Kermit, right? Kermit the Frog is so well-known for his Muppet status and decades of music, merchandise, movies and TV shows. But there are plenty of other famous frogs who also deserve some love. Which ones do you know about?

Lovers of classic children's literature may well remember Toad from Frog and Toad!

Frog Thor is a bit of a comic joke but he still exisited!

Cannibal Frogs

This seems like it belongs on the Weird Animals page rather than Frog Source, but it's true that there are cannibalistic frogs in our world. Many animals exist as cannibals and it's really not that surprising; considering that humans are believed to be the only animals with an ethics system (although that could be debated within more developed animal groups, particularly when you consider many humans don't even seem to have a moral compass!), why would it seem weird for a frog to eat another frog? 

Lady Frogs Prefer City Frogs

Researchers claim that female frogs prefer frogs from city environments to those in the country. Researchers in Panama examined the different types of frogs that females responded to the most and discovered that the frogs from the most urban areas attracted the most females overall. It's being dubbed "irrationality," but you have to wonder. Maybe the city frogs have more culture and panache. They've probably got better stories to tell and they can take you to the opera, amirite?

Baggy Frogs

Aren't animal adaptations remarkable? I'm always amazed to see a critter whose eyes have simply evolved to not work in a dark environment, or something venomous that lives with poison in it, making it deadly to everything but itself. The water frog of Titicaca has adapted to the lake's high altitudes with flaps of super baggy skin in order to help it take in the oxygen it needs to survive.

Regenerating Frog Legs

Frogs are known as nature's alarm system. Since their bodies readily absorb toxic materials from the enviornment, causing them to sometimes grow abnormal or extra limbs as a result and tell scientists what's wrong in their habitat. Frogs that lose limbs can sometimes grow back bits and pieces of them, but scientists have now developed a bioreactor device that actually helps African dwarf frogs regenerate their limbs completely.

Leapin' Frogs

Do you know why frogs can leap so powerfully and high? The fact that frog legs act like well-oiled hinges is pretty well known, but there's really more to it than that. The power, according to Dr. Chris Richards, who has studied the movement via simultion in order to determine if it was an evolutionary need or not, comes not from the joints themselves but from the frogs' own leg muscles. 


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