Frog predicts wet winter

Frog predicts wet winter

While everyone knows about Punxsutawney Phil, who every Groundhog day comes out and predicts an early spring or more winter, the other coast gets its information from a prognosticating...excuse me, frognosticating... amphibian.


The Washington town of Snohomish uses a bullfrog named Snohomish Slew to decide if they are going to get another six weeks of traditional winter...soggy and foggy...or the more springlike gray skies and breezy. It's Washington folks, not Palm Springs.


The frog is brought out from his home at Just Frogs Toads Too Amphibian Centers and experts in frog dialect decipher the ribbets into something resembling a prediction. Last year, apparently, Slew was much more vocal, but this year the frog clammed up, so the prediction is unclear.


The bullfrog is actually an invasive species and not native to the area, but through the decades they have become quite the delicacy. Slew is 8-year-old and escaped the dinner plate. It's nice to know that the other coast has a weather predicting animal, but since the weather in Washington never changes beyond gray and rainy, it's hard to tell when winter ends and spring begins.


Ground Hogs have long been thought as the only prognosticating weather forecasters, but given amphibians connection to nature and sensitivity to changing conditions, it actually makes more sense than using a big furry rodent. Shhh, don't tell the Pennsylvanians I said that. The last thing I want to do is make them made and next thing you know my house is over run with beavers and woodchucks.