Butterflies Enjoy Frog Carcasses

Hey, it's the circle of life...

When I found out that butterflies are attracted to dead frog bodies, among other creatures, I was repulsed at first. Butterflies? You would expect carrion feasts to make it onto a buzzard's menu, but a beautiful butterfly? Well by now we all know that butterflies are a messy goo as they transform, so why not enjoy a messy body or two for dinner?

The reality is that all of the fruits and flowers we set out to attract them don't give them the salt they need, so butterflies turn to a variety of sources. They like human sweat, dead bodies, urine... all kinds of salt sources! They also like to feast on feces and blood, which gives me lots of weird plot ideas for vampires with proboscis...

What weird facts about frogs have you read lately?

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Spiders Who Trap Frogs

The huntsman spider may sew leaves to trap frogs

Every time I learn about an animal using tools, setting traps or otherwise engaging in behavior I normally wouldn't expect, I get so excited. Don't you? It's so neat to see the things different species are capable of, even if it disturbs us, like this huntsman spider might do.

Scientists think the spider actually sews leaves together to trap frogs for dinner! They use leaves to make a little hollow spot perfect for a frog habitat and then go after their prey once they're vulnerable and comfortable. This saddens me as a person who loves frogs and makes frog habitats in my own yard, but also thrills me as a person who is just excited by what creatures can do.

What other frog news have you read recently? Share it in the chat.

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Adidas To Release Kermit Shoes

Shoes to be sold for $90

Adidas is collaborating with Stan Smith to produce a Muppets shoe made with recycled materials that will be available for purchase soon. It will feature Kermit's name and trademark lime green colors as well as an illustration of the frog himself, complete with his arms crossed, in a green outline on white.

These will make the perfect shoes for any frog-lover, especially one who also happens to love the Muppets. They'll be available in January so look for them soon!

Any other cool frog products on your radar right now? Share them in the chat!

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Legally Bred Frogs Replacing Black Market Sales

Do you think it's ethical?

Poaching and collecting endangered animals has been a problem for years, and scientists and activists are looking for outside-the-box solutions to try to combat the issue. One controversial way that activists are cutting down on frogs being trafficked is simply breeding them and selling them for cheaper prices instead.

Poison dart frogs are coveted by collectors due to their bright colors and deadly reputation, but they're also endangered or even critically endangered. That's why this method may help protect them in the wild, even if it doesn't stop the exploitation. The irony is that the collectors are even facing pressure to have their frogs sustainably sourced when they share photos on social media!

Hopefully one day we can stop trafficking, period, but for now, this may help. What do you think of this controversial idea?

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New Jabba Frog Sipper at Disney

Are you excited or horrified?

As a frog lover with a sense of humor, I have to say that I think the new Jabba the Hutt Paddy Frog Sipper souvenir cup is hilarious. The best thing about Disney taking over Star Wars is all of the innovative merch the company has launched, and this is a pretty innovative cup!

The sipper is meant to mimic the one Jabba keeps all of his frogs for snacking next to him, and while it's a little pricey, it's about average for a Disney souvenir, and it's super cute. I love the shape of the container and the surprise paddy frog inside!

Given how much we love frogs around here, I have to wonder how you react to the franchise's treatment of the animals. It's only fiction, after all... right? What do you think?

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Should Kermit and Piggy Reconcile?

The pair revealed nothing during last week's interview

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, and they've been apart for around five years now, believe it or not. The thing is, they've always broken up and gotten back together again, so it may just be another marketing ploy--especially since they were just interviewed and asked if they'd get back together again and both were a bit elusive about it.

Kermit's not dating at the moment, and we all remember how they paired him with a nicer, younger pig when they split that made it certainly look like a midlife crisis. Many fans are glad they're not a couple anymore since Piggy has been so abusive toward her Kermie, and if they do reconcile it should be done with her learning from those mistakes and treating the frog with respect. Kermit also shouldn't reconcile with Piggy if he's going to act embarrassed about their relationship all of the time as he has in the past.

Do you hope these Muppets will get back together, or should they do a rendition of a certain Taylor Swift song?

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Frog Eats Snake

Warning: Gross amphibian meal ahead

If you're squeamish, you don't want to click on this link to view a gory video of a frog consuming a snake, but TikTok fans were fascinated by the scene when a user from Australia filmed it to share with the world. It's pretty gruesome to see. 

How would a frog consuming a whole snake not be gruesome, after all? The snake was just big enough to seem like a giant meal, but not a meal too big for the frog to handle. The people behind the film cheered the frog on while it had its dinner, so maybe they weren't big snake fans.

What did you think of the video? Have you seen any other weird frog videos this week? Share them in the chat.

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The Frog Farm

Have you heard of it?

In Mississippi, there's an outdoor museum of sorts for anyone who loves frogs. The sculpture garden is filled with different kinds of frogs, many made from wood and posed in whimsical fashions. Created by artist Louise Cadney Coleman, the frogs bring joy to amphibian enthusiasts who visit from near and wide.

The garden is nearly an acre in side and is composed of all kinds of creatures that the folk artist has made from both found wood as well as branches for a natural look. There are also dioramas of frogs to enjoy.

Are there any cool frog museums or exhibits near where you live? Share them in the chat.

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New Frog Book Teaches Kindness To Kids

McCay's book is about a frog with ASD

The Frog with ASD is grandmother Karin McCay's new children's book that is intended to teach kindness to children. It's the story of a frog who was diagnosed with autism at age three and his life. McCay says the book is about nice people giving others a chance so they can live their lives as normally as others.

The books cost $10 and are inspired by McCay's real life experiences. They may be purchased at McGavock dealerships, which are part of the inspiration behind the book.

Have you read any other meaningful books about frogs? Share them in the chat.

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The Mandalorian's Frog Lady

What did you think of her?

Without giving away any spoilers, audiences who watched The Mandalorian over the last week met the Frog Lady and reviews of the character are varying so widely! I've seen people absolutely hate her for a very specific reason, and I've seen people absolutely love her for others that are actually related to the reason people don't like her!

What do you think of the Frog Lady? If you include a spoiler, be sure to issue a warning. I was spoiled of Han's death a month before I saw The Force Awakens after it had just been released (verbally, by someone in person) and I know what it's like! 

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