Know Ya Boo: Frog Edition

The latest couple's fun on TikTok

There are so many couples' challenges on TikTok that friends or partners could spend months doing them all. Most are really fun and this one is no exception. The other day a video came up on my FYP that challenged viewers to see if they really know their partners by guessing which frog they liked the best out of a series of frogs!

To be clear, ALL of the frogs were cuties and I've been a frog lover since my teen years when my partner first met me. So it shocked me that not only did he guess the one I chose but I had no idea which one he would choose! He's liked frogs but never loved them so I thought it would be easier for me to choose.

If you want to try the game, check it out on TikTok or try doing it yourself with some frogs from this unique gallery! Have you seen any other fun frog games lately? Share them in the chat!

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Limb Regeneration And Frogs

Why can't they do it?

Axolotls are some of my favorite creatures. The pink ones especially look like magical creatures from a faraway land rather than something we find on Earth. They seem so similar to frogs, especially when they go through their metamorphosis at a young age. The thing is, they are also quite different, especially in terms of regeneration. While the axolotl can regenerate lost limbs, frogs sadly cannot.

Scientists say this is due to the makeup of the axolotl blastema, which makes stem cells to allow regeneration to occur. Like humans, frogs don't have this function and can't reform their lost limbs. Perhaps studying the process might give humans more insight on replacing our own limbs.

What other fun facts have you read about frogs this week? Share them in the chat.

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The Cutest Use of Frogs in Pop Culture

Share your favorites!

Had you asked me a few years ago, I know my favorite pop culture frogs would be Kermit, followed by the cousins of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We frog lovers don't have a lot of examples, but frogs are so cute that it's almost impossible to not love any of the ones we have (aside from Pepe, which was a disaster).

Now that I've seen The Good Place, I'm so in love with the gatekeeper to Earth, who loves frogs and becomes inundated with them over time. Mike O'Malley is adorable anyway, but seeing him as "a frog guy" makes me think he's even more loveable than when he was Kurt's dad on Glee. Okay, maybe almost as loveable. That was a really great role.

So who do you think is the best representation of frog love in pop culture? There are so many movies and shows I haven't yet seen that I know there have to be more! Tell me about them in the chat.

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Toby Toad on TikTok

This is the toad to follow!

There are so many cute frogs and toads to follow on TikTok and today I'd like to recommend @yaboi_toby_toad. Not only is this toad incredibly cute, but he has his own house that gets decorated! You can follow him to see him in flower boxes, getting tiny Amazon packages, wearing clothes, hopping through his house and much more.

The slow motion movements through his home are so cute. His owner shuts the door behind him, gives him little bouquets and has him open his fridge for snacks. He even set up the toad's own potion shop as a tiny stand outside his actual life-size front door! It's so adorable. My favorite so far is his haunted house scene, which is a must-see.

Which frogs and toads do you follow on TikTok? Share them in the chat!

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Frog-Themed Foods Without Actual Frogs

Share the cutest ideas you've seen

Yesterday my aunt shared this adorable watermelon carved into a frog. It was filled with fruit and looked like it would be a big hit with kids at potlucks, but a part of me couldn't get past eating fruit inside a frog's mouth! Still, I'm a big fan of both frogs and doing what's necessary to get kids excited about produce.

It got me wondering what other foods could be shaped or molded into frogs just for the fun of it? If you're having a themed frog party, first of all I'd love an invite, but wouldn't it be fun to make a bunch of froggy foods that don't have actual frogs in them? OK, it would be really fun to put a few ants-in-the-pants style frogs as centerpieces or favors and have a frog hopping chaos at some point, but think of the food!

What other frog foods have you seen like this?

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John Cena As Frogs

This is such a fun trend!

Did you catch the new trend to show John Cena as frogs that's making its way around Twitter lately? It's so cute and funny! Sportswriter Jack Goodwin has paired the star up with a different frog per outfit and it's really adorable for both parties. The camouflage one has to be my favorite!

It got me thinking... What if we did that here at Frog Source? We could totally pair up various celebrities with our favorite frogs to make some fun comparisons. I'll go first and pair Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde with this adorable pink tree frog!

Which celebs would you pair up with frogs, and which frogs would you choose for them? Share them in the chat!

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New Species of Frog Discovered in Peru!

Don't you just love new frog findings?

The situation with frogs on this planet is so dire that when a new species is discovered, you can't help but celebrate--even if it's yet another rare species in need of protection. In Peru, a new species of marsupial frog has been spotted, and it's a pretty cute species! Aren't they all?

It's a tailless species in a protected area, and the coolest thing about it is the frog's incredible turquoise eyes. It's heartening to know it's already living in a protected area and scientists say this rainforest is very important, as it's home to a few unique species.

Have you seen any other cool frog news this week? Share it in the chat!

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The Spring Peepers Have Arrived!

Do you hear frogs where you live?

Where I live, it's not spring yet until the spring peepers have arrived. This year, it seems like they came early, but I may be wrong. I had the windows open working at night and I suddenly realized I heard a chorus of frogs outside! It was the coolest thing ever, especially since I wasn't at the park looking or expecting it. I kind of wish I'd recorded it.

It's the time of year when I'm going to start finding frogs everywhere, from my garden to my front porch. We often get a visitor who likes a certain rock in front of our porch, which we placed there on purpose as a cozy little toad home, but sometimes they even make their way up our window or porch light to catch yummy bugs!

Do you hear frogs where you are? Do you know what kind? Share them in the chat!

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Frog Mating Is Awkward Business

Sometimes they accidentally mate with non-frogs

Frog lovers might already know that frogs don't actually mate through intercourse but though a process of leaving sperm to fertilize eggs that the female frog releases. Frogs have a few positions to do this, including a messy one where they simply release sperm onto the female's back and let gravity run its course.

But did you know that frogs sometimes try mating with other males or animals like snakes or fish? Sometimes when a female isn't available, a frog seems to just take whatever is available! Multiple frogs have been known to attempt to mate with a single female at once as well.

What other weird facts about frogs do you know? Share them in the chat.

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The Frog Bunny

Cadbury selects the tree frog as this year's spokesbunny!

Cadbury recently announced the company's pick for the 2021 Cadbury Bunny, and she's a beauty! The Australian white tree frog, Betty, was one of more than 12,000 applicants for the job. She was selected over candidates like goats, donkeys and miniature horses, and I say way to go, Betty!

Betty is shattering all kinds of frog ceilings here: She's the company's first female representative, first amphibian AND the company's smallest Cadbury bunny! Given that frogs can always use a bit more publicity with all of the current struggles they face, I for one support this pick. Plus, what's cuter than a bunny frog?

Were you rooting for a different bunny? What do you think of Betty's selection?

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