Frog Watching

Do you do any frog watching in your spare time?

Life has slowed down for a lot of people this year, granting a wish that many of us have made even if it wasn't made in the way we'd hoped. In this time, many of us have developed new hobbies to enjoy during our time at home, such as frog watching.

People who have ponds, live near wetlands or simply see a lot of frogs in their yards are enjoying watching frogs leap at bugs at nighttime, which I have to say isn't nearly as pathetic as they claim. It's a pretty cool hobby, especially if you participate in Frogwatch while you're at it.

Do you do any frog watching? Do you combine it with any scientific volunteering? Share your experiences in the chat.

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Unique Frog Products

Share what you find!

As a culture, we have a lot of love for frogs. Many of us hail them as our favorite animals, and they can be found on everything from t-shirts to stickers and so forth. But there are some really interesting frog products on the market as well.

For example, have you heard of Frog Spit, the anti-fogging cleaner? There are frog-shaped items like alarm clocks, Magic 8 Balls and even shower heads, too!

What is the strangest froggy product you've ever found? Share it in the chat.

Frogs Everywhere!

Share your stories in the chat!

The other day we went out and left surprises on our loved ones' porches, something we do now and again during Covid, and when we got to the gas station there was a little frog visitor on the back windshield! Who knows how long he took a ride with us? We were distracted by a praying mantis on the front shield and didn't even notice him until we stopped!

Frogs are everywhere right now as little spring tadpoles are growing up and this one was super tiny and cute. I'm excited to see more frogs around!

Have you seen any frogs lately? Share your stories in the chat! 

Another New Species!

This one is from the Philippines

How many of you are just living for the good news stories this year? Me, too, and I totally count new frog species as good news! This week a new species was discovered in the Philippines. Check this out to see a photo!

Isn't this frog the cutest? It has Kermit eyes, spots on its belly, an almost mint-green color... It's so pretty! Biologists were able to see eggs of the species in the wild, too, which I take as a good sign.

What cool frog news have your read lately? Share it in the chat!

Tadpole Season

Have you run across any?

There seem to be tadpoles everywhere lately! I've found them in cups, in still water that I've had to dump to keep the mosquitoes at bay... I've tried to move them the best I can, but what do you do when you don't want mosquitoes and you don't have any moving water available? Is moving water even safe?

Plenty of people just dump them, but I'd really hate to do that. We take them to a creek near our house, but it is a pain to get to. When I was a kid it was nice and clear but now it's surrounded by brush. I'd love an easier way, or even better, to watch them grow!
What do you do with tadpoles in your yard or pool?

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Beetle Exits Frog Alive!

This gives a whole new meaning to Beetlejuice

Frogs are weird, and I'd argue that animals in general are weird, but this may be one of the strangest things I've ever read about a frog. A beetle swallowed by a frog actually exited the animal's body alive via... well, the way food usually comes out!

UGH. It reminds me of The Shawshank Redemption. Just what did that beetle go through? I sure hope he lives as long as beetles can after that ordeal. It has to be a medical miracle, right? Or maybe this happens with strong exoskeletons sometimes...

What other amazing frog stories have you read this week?

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Raising Tadpoles

Have you done it?

My aunt has a very small wading pool she likes to get wet in during the summer, and this year she had a family of frogs hatched unexpectedly in it! She asked if we'd like to take them to "raise," or at least watch grow, at our house instead, but I wasn't sure it was a good idea.

We have a lot of pets already, but I also don't know the first thing about raising tadpoles. My guess is that if the parent laid the eggs there, it was probably the best environment for them, and I don't know if moving them would help them out. Would they eat mosquitos? I am not a fan of standing water outside!

Have you ever cared for tadpoles? How did you do it? Share your tips in the chat! 

Titicaca Water Frog Suffers From Invasive Fish

Scientists are trying to save the frog

It sounds odd that an invasive species of fish might do some damage to a frog species, especially a large one like the Titicaca Water Frog, but that is what's happening to the frog, depleting its population in the process. The fish eat the frogs' eggs and young, wiping out its population before it can even begin to grow into adulthood.

The frogs are also endangered due to humans eating them and destroying their habitat. Scientists are working on all three causes of depletion, attempting to rescue this unique species from extinction.

What frogs have you read about this week? Share your articles in the chat.

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Naming Frog Photos

It's the latest insta-trend!

Have you heard about people adding their names to photos of frogs on Instagram? It's the latest weird trend on the social networking app, along with doing the same thing to photos of cats and Harry Styles.

It seems as if once a frog or cat has been named after you, you aren't allowed to give it that name again. That's YOUR insta animal, no ifs, ands or buts! It's just another goofy trend among many when it comes to bored Gen Z kids.

Have you found your animal yet? Share it in the chat!

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Climate Change Is Causing Frogs To Lose Homes

They are literally falling from trees.

Many of us are already worried about the effects of pollution and climate change on frogs, particularly since their skin is so sensitive to change. We already know that frogs mutate in terrible ways when their habitats become polluted. Now scientists say that climate change is kicking them out of their treetop canopies, where they've taken refuge.

Animals are already moving to higher levels to escape the effects of climate change, and frogs are doing the same in treetop canopies. This may sound like a weird place for frogs to live; it indeed is. It's far away from water sources and puts them and their tadpoles in danger. It's like watching polar bears attempt to find somewhere else to live and only dying in the process.

The effects of global warming are likely much more far reaching than we can even dream. What other stories about it have you read lately?

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