Freakiest Frog Facts

What you did and did not want to know!

At Frog Source, we sure love our frogs, but it goes without saying that there are some pretty strange facts about frogs. The poison factor is a favorite weird fact among frog lovers, as is the fact that our beloved amphibians drink through their skin and have two sets of lungs. But some facts are truly disturbing, especially if the frog is the prey.

Did you know, for example, that snakes put their heads inside frogs to swallow their organs? It makes me shudder to think about it. When I was a kid we saw a snake swallow a frog whole so I'm sure there's some variation involved but still... it's not the stuff of sweet dreams, for sure.

What is the weirdest fact about frogs that you've ever come across? Share it in the chat.

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Princess and the Frog is Everywhere!

I am so here for this.

Have you heard that Princess Tiana is getting her own Disney+ series? She's my favorite of the Disney princesses and I am super excited to see what's in store for this hardworking dreamer. How about you?

With the characters in the spotlight again, their merch is popping up everywhere and I am so here for it. I've seen it online at Box Lunch and lots of other places. You can get Funko pops, clothing, plates, adorable glasses and so much more. I'm so in love with this Tiana's Place glass!

Do you love The Princess and the Frog? Are you excited about the show and what merch, if any, will you be buying?

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Dehydration Leads to Jumping Problems

Frogs need water!

Who doesn't need water, after all? Amphibians definitely need it and it turns out that the effects of not having enough water really take a toll on frogs. Scientists now say that some frogs can't jump anymore once they are dehydrated.

I'm not digging the parameters of this study, which purposefully dehydrated frogs to find out the effects. I get that we need to find out all of the major possible ramifications of climate change and, more importantly, combat it together, but I think we know enough about the damage it does to frogs without putting them through more harm. How about spending that energy on protecting them instead?

Have you read any news about frogs this week? Share it in the chat.

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Massive Blunt-Head Burrowing Frog Wows Internet

These pictures are amazing!

When I first saw a Goliath frog, I couldn't believe my eyes. I've loved frogs all my life--my husband even collected stuffed frogs for me before we were married--but I'd never seen such an enormous frog before. When I saw the photos of the enormous blunt-head burrowing frog circulating the Internet this week, I had a similar reaction.

This frog is massive! It spends most of its life underground waiting for rain and it puffs itself up like this as a defense mechanism. It's pretty incredible, but I have to admit that it's not the kind of frog that would likely make me fall in love with frogs in general. Tree frogs are more my style!

Have you seen any other weird frog photos lately? Share them in the chat.

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3-D Turtle Shell Saves Tortoise's Home!

This could mean incredible things for more animals

Many frog lovers are only into amphibians, which is fine, but I know a lot of us care about reptiles, too, which is why this story is so awesome. A 3-D printer was used to create a new shell for a tortoise who lost his shell in a wildfire! This is such cool news that could pave the way for even more advances to help animals.

The poor tortoise had lost 85% of its shell and a group of vet activists found him and made him the new one. This is incredibly cool. I know 3-D printing has been used to help a lot of humans, too. It's pretty incredible what can be done with it!

Have you seen 3-D printing used to help any other animals? Which ones?

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The Best Frog Jokes You've Heard

Share them with us!

How about a little bit of frog humor for the week? I saw some frog jokes posted on social media earlier in the week and thought it would be fun to swap some! For example, why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!

Or maybe you just have some cute frog photos, funny frog memes and other visuals to share, like these. I looked for frogs on Google AR but sadly couldn't find any. Do you know of any other method of getting AR frogs in your environment?

Share your funny frog stuff in the chat!

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Frogs Wave To Attract Mates

Well of course they do!

The more we learn about various frog species and their little habits and adaptations, the more we love them. Glass frogs are already such adorable creatures but now that we know this fact about them they are even cuter!

Glass frogs actually wave at their potential mates! It's not as human-like as it seems; it's simply out of necessity. When they're near waterfalls, their potential mates can't hear them, so they have to wave. Still, it's almost baby Yoda like in its adorability!

Have you read any other cute news about frogs lately? Share it in the chat.

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Butterflies Enjoy Frog Carcasses

Hey, it's the circle of life...

When I found out that butterflies are attracted to dead frog bodies, among other creatures, I was repulsed at first. Butterflies? You would expect carrion feasts to make it onto a buzzard's menu, but a beautiful butterfly? Well by now we all know that butterflies are a messy goo as they transform, so why not enjoy a messy body or two for dinner?

The reality is that all of the fruits and flowers we set out to attract them don't give them the salt they need, so butterflies turn to a variety of sources. They like human sweat, dead bodies, urine... all kinds of salt sources! They also like to feast on feces and blood, which gives me lots of weird plot ideas for vampires with proboscis...

What weird facts about frogs have you read lately?

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Spiders Who Trap Frogs

The huntsman spider may sew leaves to trap frogs

Every time I learn about an animal using tools, setting traps or otherwise engaging in behavior I normally wouldn't expect, I get so excited. Don't you? It's so neat to see the things different species are capable of, even if it disturbs us, like this huntsman spider might do.

Scientists think the spider actually sews leaves together to trap frogs for dinner! They use leaves to make a little hollow spot perfect for a frog habitat and then go after their prey once they're vulnerable and comfortable. This saddens me as a person who loves frogs and makes frog habitats in my own yard, but also thrills me as a person who is just excited by what creatures can do.

What other frog news have you read recently? Share it in the chat.

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Adidas To Release Kermit Shoes

Shoes to be sold for $90

Adidas is collaborating with Stan Smith to produce a Muppets shoe made with recycled materials that will be available for purchase soon. It will feature Kermit's name and trademark lime green colors as well as an illustration of the frog himself, complete with his arms crossed, in a green outline on white.

These will make the perfect shoes for any frog-lover, especially one who also happens to love the Muppets. They'll be available in January so look for them soon!

Any other cool frog products on your radar right now? Share them in the chat!

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